Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thing #4 keeping up

I used flipboard as my choice.   I found a photography site that I liked.  I used the RSS when we did 23things on a stick.   I unsubscribed to the feed because it was a pain in the neck.  I hope this app is more user friendly.  I'll reserve judgement for later.

Thing #3 utilities

I tried google goggles.  I took a picture of a Terry Redlin print and it did not find a match.  I took a picture of a coffee pot and it found the brand name but not the coffee pot itself.  I did not try to just search for anything but using the camera feature did not seem to work very well.  I will try it again and see what happens

Thing #2 mobile device tips

I watched several of the iPad and Samsung videos.   I learned a few things in each video.  In the samsung video The person spoke so fast that it seemed like he only had a very short time for the length of the video.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thing #1 - Create the blog

I enjoyed the 23 things on a stick so I hope that 23 Mobile things is just as fun and that I learn how to use my mobile device better.  Even though I use technology I always learn something new when I participate in an activity such as 23 Mobile things